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UK Fan who experienced childhood in Kansas City rooting for the Cats

Debbie Green is a Kansas City native, however it hasn’t prevented her from turning into a University of Kentucky fan.

“The people are friendly, you’ll get smiles just like you do when you walk down the street in Kentucky,” says Debbie Green.

For the first half of her life, Debbie Green called Kansas City home.

“It’s such a great place to go back and visit, and of course, a lot of my family and friends are back there too,” says Green.

The alumni of the University of Kansas began her career in marketing and sales at the Kansas City Star. They are claimed by Knight Ridder, which additionally possessed the Lexington Herald-Leader. That is the place Green took a sales manager job in 2002.

UK at that point stole her heart, and she turned out to be such a major fan, she incidentally took the name of a UK player.

“About three years ago some friends and I thought it would be really funny to change our last names on Facebook to our favorite UK player. Little did we know the next day, we got up and the joke was on us because Facebook says you can’t change your name back for 45 days. So I was Debbie Greene Ulis,” says Green.

As in UK guard, Tyler Ulis.

“I had people writing to me from all over the country, asking me if I’ve gotten married and if they had missed the wedding.”

Debbie Green is the proprietor of a marketing counseling organization, ‘Bringing In the Green,’ with customers like Kentucky Branded. She prescribes if UK fans have time, go to the notable Kansas City Plaza.

“It’s an outdoor 15 block shopping area it’s just beautiful especially if the weather is nice,” says Green.

Debbie says there is an ideal spot to hear some out Kansas City Blues.

“There’s a place called BBs Lawn, it’s a barbecue place, and Mama Ray has been belting out the tunes every Saturday afternoon for the last 25 years.”

One final proposal from Debbie Green in the event that individuals ever visit Kansas City.

“Another thing that Kansas City is really well known for is their beautiful fountains. And you can actually take a walking tour of the city if it’s gorgeous weather out, beautiful photo ops. The plaza that I was talking about earlier has gorgeous fountains, so that’s a really nice way to spend the afternoon as well.”

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