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Roger Federer clarifies why he supports kids in Africa through his Foundation

In a recent interview, Roger Federer remarked on what drove him to begin his very own Foundation in 2003 and play charity matches. The Swiss player visited South Africa on numerous occasions in the course of the most recent decade. “What kept me going was me going to South Africa on vacation when I was a little boy.

My mom is from South Africa, she was born in Johannesburg, the values she and my dad taught me. And when I got into tennis I was finally able to make some money, and make a name for myself, you feel fortunate, and how do you share that feeling with other people, I just thought that education is something that really interests me, I thought let me get stuck into childhood education, early education”, said the 37-year-old.

Federer additionally remarked about Bill Gates’ impact on him. They played pairs together in 2017 in Seattle and in 2018 in San Jose. “Reading about Bill, just hearing him about philantrophy, how great he and Melinda do in the world, and then the passion.

I am obviously doing it all out of a passion, but he has been doing it for a long long time and on a much bigger scale, that’s super inspiring.” Gates included: “I was very impressed talking to Roger and his team, how they are helping out with the school systems in South Africa, it’s an excellent cause.

Those education systems after-school or school activities, people who show they care.” Almost everything. Instructions to appreciate it, how to hit the ball.

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