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‘James Holzhauer’: again face off with rival in ‘Jeopardy!’ tournament of champions final

The rematch is on, as an epic “Jeopardy!” standoff between a productive victor and the challenger who beat him is set to start Thursday.

James Holzhauer, a Las Vegas sports bettor who won 32 sequential games on “Jeopardy!” recently, progressed to the last round of the network show’s Tournament of Champions on Tuesday. He’ll confront Emma Boettcher – a custodian from Chicago who finished Holzhauer’s standard play series of wins on a scene that broadcast in June – in the two-day last round that show Thursday and Friday.

Holzhauer won $2.46 million during his noteworthy run that publicized in the spring, indenting the 16 most elevated single-game scores in the show’s history en route. Because of Boettcher, Holzhauer came up generally $56,000 shy of the show’s untouched rewards record, behind PC researcher and creator Ken Jennings, who won $2.52 million during a 74-game series of wins in 2004.

Boettcher won $46,801 to best Holzhauer in the scene that broadcast June 3. She would proceed to win the following two games, before falling in her fourth appearance, however it was sufficient to acquire a spot in the Tournament of Champions.

Holzhauer, known for being speedy on the signal, conceded that Boettcher shook him in their first gathering.

I was a little shook during Double Jeopardy,” Holzhauer told ESPN after his streak-finishing rout, “because I was playing from behind and constantly getting beaten on the buzzer by Emma.”

In the Tournament of Champions, Boettcher won her elimination round match with $29,601 in the scene that broadcast Monday. Holzhauer protected his spot in the finals with a $30,156 execution in his semifinal match.

Holzhauer accurately addressed 27 of his 28 reactions and hummed in first 42.1% of the time. Boettcher was right on 21 of her 23 reactions and was first on the ringer in 38.6% of the pieces of information in her semifinal round.

A third hopeful for the last round will be chosen during Wednesday’s episode.

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